My search for a cheap and good quality sewing machine

I recently joined a sewing group held at my local library; it’s held once a week. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make my own clothes and curtains. Anyway I am really enjoying my sewing class. I’m learning lots of new skills and have made new friends too.


However, one of the requirements of the course is that if I want to advance more quickly, I need to buy a sewing machine, so that I can practice at home. My instructor gave me a list of recommended cheap sewing machines and so armed with my list, I started my search.

On the list were recommendations, from Brother, Janome and Singer. All were priced under $100. I decided to read up on the different specifications of each machine to find which one would suit me the best. Basically I just needed an easy to use sewing machine that would teach me the basics. The Brother’s Sew Advance Affordable was described as easy to use and their Everyday sewing machine also seemed a good choice. Both of these were priced just under $80. The Janome model, the Home Portable sewing machine really appealed to me, as under $60 I could use this at both home and at my class. The final sewing machine, the Singer Tradition Easy to Use was priced at just under $90 and I was particularly taken with all of the features of this machine that included 19 different stitches as well as being easy to thread.

Therefore I had a difficult decision to make, but to be honest in the end it all came down to price. So, I chose the Janome and to be honest I am really glad I did. I can now practice my stitches at home and then take the machine with me to class so that I can continue with what I have started making.

There are many cheap sewing machines out there that are made safely and offer many different features for both the novice and seasoned seamstress. You just have to find the right one for you.

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