I am planning to buy a new bread maker


My daughter has asked me to give her this bread maker. I would obviously need another. I don’t need a sophisticated one. My children are all outside the city. It is only the two of us, and occasionally, some guests. I have an oven for all other requirements. But I am also wondering whether such simple bread maker is available nowadays. My husband searched the net, and did not find many that were as simple as I wanted.

Now, I am having second thoughts of sparing my bread maker to my daughter. I feel if I am anyway planning to buy a new bread maker, why don’t I buy her a new one instead of sparing the one I find convenient now. That way I will not have to go through the manuals, and learn everything once more.

I have to discuss this with my husband. If I have to buy the bread maker for my daughter then I have no choice but to opt for larger appliance with all sophisticated features so that she does not have to spend monies for buying expensive oven right now. She is newly married, and may be running short of monies. She can also learn different features faster than me. But it may be slightly beyond what we are prepared to spend right now. If my husband is agreeable to this idea, then I will ask my daughter to come over. Then she can select the bread maker suitable for her, and we will place the order for it. It would also be better to order a good quality bread maker instead of opting for ordinary one like I was searching for. It would last longer. Any decision is better left to her, because she may have plans to buy other appliances and therefore, she can decide on required features.

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