My Experience When Buying a Top Rice Cooker That Cooks Brown Rice

As someone who cooks rice regularly, I agree that it’s a little tricky having a final product that’s undercooked or soggy. I know that finding a good rice cooker goes a long way in ensuring that I serve my family with well cooked rice every time. The top rice cooker that cooks brown rice has a brown rice cooking mode that ensures that the cook doesn’t need to make any adjustment. To cook brown rice, more water is required because it has more coating of bran fiber.

I wanted a cooker that offered a sizable capacity. I checked in the market and I discovered that there are many sizes that were available to me. However, its essential to know that the figures that are quoted refer to uncooked rice which may rise to double the size when already cooked. I was glad that I could find various sizes from reputable brands in the market today.


Also, I was interested in a brown rice cooker that can be cleaned with ease. I wanted a non-stick rice cooker because this makes it much easier for me to clean and maintain. On checking through the available brands, I found that the cheaper options offer an aluminum or plastic shell while the expensive models offer a stainless steel which guarantees more resistance to scratching and general damage. A stainless steel rice cooker may require scrubbing to clean though.

Moreover, the technology behind the rice cooker was of great concern to me. I was glad that there were simple and complicated fuzzy logic technologies that are available for cookers of brown rice like me. For those who cook rice occasionally, the on/off cooker would be enough. However, advanced options are great for those who love cooking rice on a regular basis. The fuzzy logic options allow you to program it, thanks to the easy to use settings. I was also able to buy a top rice cooker on budget.

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