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Best place to lease your serviced office


As a professional product photo editor, I really had a hard time before I got an office space that met all my specifications. A few years ago, I remember that I used to move from one office to another seeking help from my friends when I needed certain equipments that I did not have. This was because; the little capital I had would not have purchased all the innovative technologies needed in the commercial photography and photo editing industry. This was until a friend introduced me to “Found a Space”.

Found a Space is a management company that specializes in helping individuals and companies to find rental virtual and serviced office spaces. My role as a commercial photographer and photo editor requires that I have a physical office apart from my online presence. This is because some of the equipments we use such as Photo Booths require to be kept safely and this makes it risky to have them in a home office. Given the limited capital, I had when starting this business, the best option I had was to seek a serviced office. Fortunately, one of my friends introduced me to Found a Space and that is how I ended up with a serviced office from Found a Space.

Found a Space helps individuals to find offices in major business districts in major commercial cities of the world. thus, all you need to do is select a country and city that you want to set up an office and Found a Space will find you the best location depending on the nature of your business and your preferences. the Company ensures that the offices you get have special offers. For instance, the rent is much cheaper than contemporary office leases. Other benefits include easy availability of additional space; a trait that is uncommon in normal rental leases, and lower operational costs because of availability of shared resources. For example, in order to reduce number of employees, the serviced offices may provide shared receptionist services. Thus, I was able to save on this cost and use the savings to promote my business services.

Found a Space also ensures that the offices have extra benefits such as fully furnished offices, prestigious addresses, building maintenance, access to numerous business centers, low start up costs, and dedicated support staff. In addition, there are conference facilities, meeting rooms, and full –time security.

Regardless of these benefits, I came to realize that serviced offices could also have some shortcomings. These may include a generic or unbranded impressions and sometimes-higher monthly costs when compared to conventional space. However, you can always set up your own office like i did once your business starts to grow.

In case you are starting a business and have little capital to set up your own office I would advise you to contact Found a Space at and they will give you the assistance you need as I once benefited.

My husband bought a new queen size intex air bed with pump

Marrying a geologist has many advantages. For starters, they know how to cook, and secondly, they are good in planning outings. My husband is a geologist. He frequently goes out with other geologists and for days at a stretch they are not around. Being a hefty personality, he is distinctly uncomfortable sleeping on single bed. This time he decided he had enough of that discomfort and would carry a queen size air mattress instead. You read it right, queen size air mattress. I said why queen size, it may not fit in his tent. But he said he had all the measurements with him. Not only did he want queen size air mattress, he also wanted the best air bed. I asked him whether his company would pay for it. He said he is not sure, but whatever would be the difference, he would pay from his pocket.


Since his company orders only Intex air mattresses, our search was automatically confined to best queen size intex air beds with pump. The list that Google presented included Intex Supreme Air-flow (I-66962), Intex Ultra Plush, and the Intex Never Flat. My husband opted for Intex Ultra Plush because it is, after all, the latest. This air mattress is quite like the Supreme Air-flow but has additional design on top for keeping the person comfortable during the night. It also has flocked material on sides so the bed sheet would remain in place instead of moving. The dimensions of this bed are also perfect. This Intex queen size bed is 80 inches in length, 60 inches in breadth, and 20 inches in height. It includes some air pockets technology. The bed has two chambers like many air beds available in the market nowadays. This queen size air bed also fits into a slightly large duffel bag after being deflated. Inflating it takes about 4 minutes, and it is a noisy chore.

However, after ordering it, we realized that this mattress cannot be inflated with DC power, and my husband is crestfallen. Not only do we have to pay for the mattress but we also do not have time for buying another air mattress. He will have to use the old air mattress for the next 4 months! I am on the other hand wondering whether we should retain this air mattress or return it or resell it.

My search for a cheap and good quality sewing machine

I recently joined a sewing group held at my local library; it’s held once a week. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make my own clothes and curtains. Anyway I am really enjoying my sewing class. I’m learning lots of new skills and have made new friends too.


However, one of the requirements of the course is that if I want to advance more quickly, I need to buy a sewing machine, so that I can practice at home. My instructor gave me a list of recommended cheap sewing machines and so armed with my list, I started my search.

On the list were recommendations, from Brother, Janome and Singer. All were priced under $100. I decided to read up on the different specifications of each machine to find which one would suit me the best. Basically I just needed an easy to use sewing machine that would teach me the basics. The Brother’s Sew Advance Affordable was described as easy to use and their Everyday sewing machine also seemed a good choice. Both of these were priced just under $80. The Janome model, the Home Portable sewing machine really appealed to me, as under $60 I could use this at both home and at my class. The final sewing machine, the Singer Tradition Easy to Use was priced at just under $90 and I was particularly taken with all of the features of this machine that included 19 different stitches as well as being easy to thread.

Therefore I had a difficult decision to make, but to be honest in the end it all came down to price. So, I chose the Janome and to be honest I am really glad I did. I can now practice my stitches at home and then take the machine with me to class so that I can continue with what I have started making.

There are many cheap sewing machines out there that are made safely and offer many different features for both the novice and seasoned seamstress. You just have to find the right one for you.

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Sleeping a Lot More Enjoyable with Air Mattress

An air mattress can make sleeping a lot more enjoyable, whether for your relatives while they visit or when you go for a camp. Inflatable air beds can eliminate an uncomfortable and at times sore attempt of trying to sleep on the floor. Moreover, air mattresses are not only comfortable, but they are also versatile and portable. With an air mattress, you can twist a home office into a visitor bedroom without the space or cost, required with a conventional mattress. Here are some of the factors to be considered while buying the good air bed for everyday use.
First, decide where the mattress will be used, such as you are seeking an air mattress to insert for overnight visitors, or will your mattress will be employed outdoors. If you are employing it inside your house, the air bed will need not be constructed from thick material like the one you will use it outdoors. Air mattresses used outdoors are required to be constructed from thicker plastic materials to avoid punctures, caused by thorns and rocks.

Think about the person who will be sleeping on the air mattress, which is the major factor in the air mattress you decide. Usually, kids do not require as much support as matures do, so a thinner air bed will be fine. Older people will take pleasure in the ease of a thick, raised air mattress.

While deciding the best air mattress, it is vital to consider its size, too. If you are exercising your air mattress for camping, ensure that the dimensions of the bed will be the best fit for the inside ground space of the tent. If your air mattress bed will be used in the house, consider what kind of mattress suits the room you will be probably it in. If your room permits, you might think about, acquiring the next bigger size than you would like in a traditional mattress. The plan and polished materials employed in some best air mattresses can create it easier to roll off at night time.