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My Experience When Buying a Top Rice Cooker That Cooks Brown Rice

As someone who cooks rice regularly, I agree that it’s a little tricky having a final product that’s undercooked or soggy. I know that finding a good rice cooker goes a long way in ensuring that I serve my family with well cooked rice every time. The top rice cooker that cooks brown rice has a brown rice cooking mode that ensures that the cook doesn’t need to make any adjustment. To cook brown rice, more water is required because it has more coating of bran fiber.

I wanted a cooker that offered a sizable capacity. I checked in the market and I discovered that there are many sizes that were available to me. However, its essential to know that the figures that are quoted refer to uncooked rice which may rise to double the size when already cooked. I was glad that I could find various sizes from reputable brands in the market today.


Also, I was interested in a brown rice cooker that can be cleaned with ease. I wanted a non-stick rice cooker because this makes it much easier for me to clean and maintain. On checking through the available brands, I found that the cheaper options offer an aluminum or plastic shell while the expensive models offer a stainless steel which guarantees more resistance to scratching and general damage. A stainless steel rice cooker may require scrubbing to clean though.

Moreover, the technology behind the rice cooker was of great concern to me. I was glad that there were simple and complicated fuzzy logic technologies that are available for cookers of brown rice like me. For those who cook rice occasionally, the on/off cooker would be enough. However, advanced options are great for those who love cooking rice on a regular basis. The fuzzy logic options allow you to program it, thanks to the easy to use settings. I was also able to buy a top rice cooker on budget.

A Guide on Getting Good Kitchen Knives

I’m writing a guide on kitchen knives, how they work, and how to pick the right one. This is a guide and picks method so that you will be able to know what the best knife to use for the kitchen. Together with some things to consider in this guide, you will be able to save money and feel convenient about having a good purchase.
You need to consider these tips so that you will be able to properly acquire the kitchen knife that you will have:

  • Sharpness – This is why salesmen must be in the field so that they can check the sharpness of the knife whenever they make a sample on some fruits and vegetables. Be sure that the knife must be sharp enough to cleanly cut soft objects.
  •  Size and Shape – There are different sizes that depend upon the purpose of the knife. There are knives for peeling, cutting, chopping and some are for expert purposes. If you are an expert, you will be able to identify the type of knife that you might need.
  • Quality – The knife must be made of stainless steel, and must be durable so that the purchase will be worth it.

Since this is a guide and pick method in order to shed light on what is a good kitchen knife set to buy, here are the top three best brands to choose:

1. Global – This knife is the best when it comes to cooking perfect quality food. Utensils need to have a good quality so that the dish will have the same quality, and this is recommended if you are aiming for that.

2. Santoku – Made by a Japanese bladesmith, this knife is well detailed and each detail has its purpose when it comes to the perfect cuts in making good food.

3. Capere Chef – This knife is very durable in different kinds of food to cut because it has a molybdenum alloy as its component. This prevents corrosion that is why it is more durable.

A kitchen is complete without these handy knives. There are many purposes for using a knife when it comes to cooking your favorite food. Whenever it comes to cutting or chopping meat, peeing fruits, and cutting other food in different styles, kitchen knives are basically needed. There are different knives that I use at home, and these are proven effective when it comes to cutting the right measurements while some are for design purposes for an elegant looking and tasting dish!

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I am planning to buy a new bread maker


My daughter has asked me to give her this bread maker. I would obviously need another. I don’t need a sophisticated one. My children are all outside the city. It is only the two of us, and occasionally, some guests. I have an oven for all other requirements. But I am also wondering whether such simple bread maker is available nowadays. My husband searched the net, and did not find many that were as simple as I wanted.

Now, I am having second thoughts of sparing my bread maker to my daughter. I feel if I am anyway planning to buy a new bread maker, why don’t I buy her a new one instead of sparing the one I find convenient now. That way I will not have to go through the manuals, and learn everything once more.

I have to discuss this with my husband. If I have to buy the bread maker for my daughter then I have no choice but to opt for larger appliance with all sophisticated features so that she does not have to spend monies for buying expensive oven right now. She is newly married, and may be running short of monies. She can also learn different features faster than me. But it may be slightly beyond what we are prepared to spend right now. If my husband is agreeable to this idea, then I will ask my daughter to come over. Then she can select the bread maker suitable for her, and we will place the order for it. It would also be better to order a good quality bread maker instead of opting for ordinary one like I was searching for. It would last longer. Any decision is better left to her, because she may have plans to buy other appliances and therefore, she can decide on required features.

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