Best place to lease your serviced office


As a professional product photo editor, I really had a hard time before I got an office space that met all my specifications. A few years ago, I remember that I used to move from one office to another seeking help from my friends when I needed certain equipments that I did not have. This was because; the little capital I had would not have purchased all the innovative technologies needed in the commercial photography and photo editing industry. This was until a friend introduced me to “Found a Space”.

Found a Space is a management company that specializes in helping individuals and companies to find rental virtual and serviced office spaces. My role as a commercial photographer and photo editor requires that I have a physical office apart from my online presence. This is because some of the equipments we use such as Photo Booths require to be kept safely and this makes it risky to have them in a home office. Given the limited capital, I had when starting this business, the best option I had was to seek a serviced office. Fortunately, one of my friends introduced me to Found a Space and that is how I ended up with a serviced office from Found a Space.

Found a Space helps individuals to find offices in major business districts in major commercial cities of the world. thus, all you need to do is select a country and city that you want to set up an office and Found a Space will find you the best location depending on the nature of your business and your preferences. the Company ensures that the offices you get have special offers. For instance, the rent is much cheaper than contemporary office leases. Other benefits include easy availability of additional space; a trait that is uncommon in normal rental leases, and lower operational costs because of availability of shared resources. For example, in order to reduce number of employees, the serviced offices may provide shared receptionist services. Thus, I was able to save on this cost and use the savings to promote my business services.

Found a Space also ensures that the offices have extra benefits such as fully furnished offices, prestigious addresses, building maintenance, access to numerous business centers, low start up costs, and dedicated support staff. In addition, there are conference facilities, meeting rooms, and full –time security.

Regardless of these benefits, I came to realize that serviced offices could also have some shortcomings. These may include a generic or unbranded impressions and sometimes-higher monthly costs when compared to conventional space. However, you can always set up your own office like i did once your business starts to grow.

In case you are starting a business and have little capital to set up your own office I would advise you to contact Found a Space at and they will give you the assistance you need as I once benefited.

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